Revolutionize Their Shopping Experience

Our Products

Multi-Model View

Display products on a vast and diverse variety of male and female models, showing your shoppers how items will look on different body types

Personalized Lookbook

Send your customers personalized weekly lookbooks of curated products created with them in mind

Outfit Builder

Allow customers to mix and match clothing and accessories from across your site, enabling you to up-sell, cross-sell and drive revenue

in-store experience

Cultivate a fully integrated omnichannel shopping experience that converts your physical shoppers into digital shoppers - keeping them engaged long after they’ve left the store

The Zeekit Button

Offer your customers an advanced AR/VR shopping experiences by clicking to virtually try-on any product on your website

Size & Fit Recommendations

Provide size and fit guidance for every consumer with our cutting edge computer vision and image processing technology.

Zeekit Is Data Driven

We use deep learning software to provide you with a analytics dashboard with data about shopper behavior, brand and product preferences, fit and body type - for you to utilize to give your customers the most relevant and personalized offering

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