our story

Zeekit was founded by Yael Vizel, Nir Appleboim, and Alon Kristal when they realized there was a void in the online shopping experience, and they could use their engineering backgrounds to create a product to fill that void. Taking advantage on their vast experience in developing real-time image processing technologies, computer vision, deep learning and artifical intelligence, this dream has now evolved into a fast-growing business, with offices in Tel Aviv and NYC.

how it works

Zeekit’s patent-pending technology maps a user’s image into thousands segments to determine each segment’s behavior in 3D. It analyzes a clothing item in a similar manner, and remaps the equivalent points of the clothing image onto the user’s image, accounting for body dimensions, fit, and fabric of the garment. We have also developed an AI-based recommendation software to offer shoppers the most personalized and relevant outfit suggestions, named

the zeekit experience

We at Zeekit strive to elevate the shopping experience into personal, engaging and interactive. We believe that online shopping shouldn’t be worrisome or stressful. Rather, we want shoppers to feel inspired and courageous enough to try new things without having to worry about how it will look or what size to order. We also work towards connecting offline and online shopping experiences, as well as brands and consumers, to create the most holistic and personalized shopping experience for all Zeekit users. Zeekit re-invents the shopping experience with the most advanced AR/VR/AI technologies, join the revolution!